Sky-craft have a custom built workshop that offers several specialised services to the aircraft owner and home builder.
We undertake all types of work from refinishing and insurance repairs through to comms and avionics installations and fault fixing on micro lights, sail planes and light aircraft.

We specialise in airframe repairs in steel tube, sheet metal, composites, timber and fabric with our engineer being a CAA certified welder.

Our paint shop has produced the award winning Acrosport 2 G-OJDA, and recently rebuilt and painted Pawnee G-BNZV, numerous MCR Banbi aircraft including G-TBEE and G-LVLM.

Fabric recovering of all aircraft and sailplanes using Diatex fabric and Sky-tech paints ensures a superb long lasting lightweight finish.

We are certified BGA and LAA inspectors covering all fixed wing airframes, factory built microlights, vintage aircraft and all engines in fixed wing aircraft.

Skycraft support the Leburg Ignition Systems with full product sales and support with a specially designed test rig and repair station.

At Skycraft we pride ourselves on quality workmanship at a cost effective price, we have years of experience so why not give us a call today.
In our custom built engine workshop, we specialise in repairs and overhauls on Jabiru, Rotax, Continental and Lycoming engines.

Shock load testing, engine upgrades and rebuilds on Jabiru engines are built with genuine parts that are all available ex stock from our comprehensive parts stores.
CAA certified welding of small components and complete airframes is available at very competitive rates backed up by the extensive Skycraft stocks of 4130N steel tube and sheet. In house machining and guillotine cutting reduces costs and speeds up delivery.

On site manufacture and proof testing of aircraft control cables (sailplanes, Microlights and permit aircraft only) in both standard Nicopress and Roll swaged fittings with a quick turn round time in both stainless steel and galvanised cable.
An emergency same day service is offered backed by extensive in house material stocks.
We regret we must decline to complete work on materials sourced elsewhere as we cannot be certain of their quality or specification.

Digital 3 pad weighing scales accurate to within 0.5% up to 2000 lbs per pad permit us to carry out either on site or in house computer generated weight and balance reports for our customers.

Sky-craft offer a emergency recovery and storage service to private owners and insurance companies.

Just send your details by email to or SMS to 07563 260473 and we will contact you.

On site covered storage up to 10,000 square feet is available with additional off site hanger age.
Storage charges are waived for aircraft subsequently repaired in our workshops or purchased by Sky-craft for salvage.

Below is a snapshot of works completed in our fully equipped workshops.

G-CBUG - Tecnam Echo - Crash Repair - 2008

Skycraft recovered G-CBUG from the crash site and transported back to the Skycraft workshops where the repair work was completed.

Removed Rotax 912UL engine and shock load test.
Replaced firewall, Port side skins, Fuselage belly skin, Nose leg, Longerons, wing tip, large section of wing leading edge and engine cowls.
Refit all undamaged parts removed for access.
Refinish where required.
Refit engine, new prop and finish.
Re-rig, weight and balance and test run.

All works completed in house to our usual high standard.
G-OKAY- Pitts S-1E - Crash Repair - 2007

G-OKAY had suffered a nose over landing resulting in damage to the top mainplane, starboard interplane strut, fin, rudder, port main gear, propeller, wheel spats, nose cone and engine shock load.

Skycraft collected from the storage hangar and returned to the workshops where the following was completed.

Removed Lycoming 0-360 engine for shock load test and overhaul.
Remove all fabric and full inspected airframe and wings.
Manufactured new fin structure, rudder assembly from stock steels.
Repaired starboard interplane strut, 4 new streamline section vertical and diagonal tubes welded to original uppers and lowers.
New streamline bracing tube welded into main port side gear leg.
Recovered complete airframe with Diatex 1500, doped and painted.
Installed new radio.
Refit engine, new prop and spinner.
Re-rig, weight and balance and test run.

This aircraft was a joy to fly, having received a full overhaul, repairs to damage and fully recovered, it required very little tweaking out of the box.